Pokémon Go’s latest third-gen legendary, Deoxys, enters the game

Pokémon Go’s latest third-gen legendary, Deoxys, enters the game


Pokémon Go’s latest EX Raid boss is Deoxys, one of many rarest Pokémon within the franchise. A legendary monster from Hoenn, Deoxys remained one of many few remaining third-generation Pokémon not within the recreation — making its entrance an enormous deal for gamers.

The psychic-type Pokémon from Ruby and Sapphire is ready to shift between a number of varieties, however solely its primary one, or “Regular Forme,” is obtainable in-game for now. The one strategy to battle Deoxys in any style is to obtain an invite to an EX Raid, nonetheless, so except you’re one of many fortunate ones, you will not be seeing any type of it in any respect.

Niantic has repeatedly tweaked the EX Raid lottery system to permit for extra gamers to have an opportunity to enter these unique fitness center battles. In the event you’re fortunate to get an EX Raid cross quickly, it’ll qualify you to struggle Deoxys.

Now that Deoxys has entered Pokémon Go, it could be time to kick gen-four hypothesis into excessive gear. Only a few Pokémon from the third era and beneath are unobtainable, and Deoxys was one of many closing holdouts on the legendary Pokémon aspect. (We’re nonetheless ready on Jirachi.) Hold your eyes peeled for Sinnoh-region Pokémon over the following few weeks.

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